TeaBuzz Tea Clearance $3.00/oz

Limited Supply
Cinnamon & Spice Black
Classic Gunpowder
TEA BUZZ Tea List $4 – $9 per oz
    • Green Citrus Blend
    • Hojicha – toasty, chocolatey, low caffeine
    • Matcha – pulverized, umami notes
    • Temple of Heaven – high end gunpowder
    • Ceylon – a classic, single varietal
    • East Frisian Blend
    • English Breakfast
    • Irish Breakfast
    • Hong Cha – wild, single varietal
    • Russian – smoky
    • Scottish Breakfast
    • Black Rose (aromatic rose tea)
    • Blissful Breeze Blend (mint, lavender + more)
    • Earl Grey
    • Soder Black – a berry fruit, black tea blend
    • Spicy Chai (w/ turmeric & chili 🌶)
    inquire, we have a limited supply
  • AFRICAN BUSH TEA (caffeine-free)
    • Green Rooibos
    • Red HoneyBush
    • Red Rooibos
    • CapeTown Blend (red rooibos blend)
    • Cinnamon & Spice (red rooibos blend)
  • GREEK (caffeine-free)
    • Greek Mountain Tea (notes of oregano & lemon)
  • More CAFFEINE-FREE Options
    • Arabian Fruit Delight – plum & spice
      Blue Butterfly Pea Flower – earthy, w/subtle note of maple
    • Russian Fruit Zavarka – prominent notes of cherry
    • Swedish Fruit Soder – a fruity, berry blend
    • Mint Medley – peppermint + spearmint
    • Kapha – Ayurvedic, heating blend, contains chili 🌶*
    • Egyptian Karkade – hibiscus + ginger
    • Peppermint
    • Spearmint
    • Turmeric Blend – prominent w/ cardamom and lemongrass
    • Turmeric Gold – w/ comforting cacao
    • Yogi Blend (chai-like, with stinging nettle)

Thank you for supporting our small business, located in central Oregon. Cheers to you and tea!

COVID-19 restrictions…

All in person Tea Flights and Tradtional Tea & Tales (TTT) are ON HOLD as we abide by the restrictions, for the safety of everyone, for COVID-19 . We will get through this. Stay well, drink tea!

We feature teas from all over the world, hand-picked from our travels. Select a Tea Tasting Flight or a Traditional Tea & Tales (TTT) tea service  from the list below and make a reservation  for a trip around the world with us– via tea. 4  person minimum – 6 person maximum per reservation. Discounts offered for children 12 and under.

Begin with our introductory “Color Spectrum” Tea Tasting Flight, in which you will learn about real tea, the camellia sinensis plant. This introductory tea flight includes white, green and black tea.

Additional Tea Flights 

  • Pick a Color – focus and learn more about white, green, oolong, black or puerh tea
  • No Caffeine Please – learn about standalone caffeine free plant options, such as the bush teas of South Africa, holy basil varietals from India and more.

Traditional Tea & Tales (TTT)
This is a special dine in offering. We will resume at some point in 2021, in our new shared location.
Did you ever wonder why tea is drank so differently in various parts of the world? Sit down at the tea bar over a cup of tea, to hear the story and experience the taste of these old world traditional tea brews.  *Reservation required. Expect to spend 1-2 hours with us. Choose from one below.

  • East Frisia – a beautiful black tea ceremony exclusive to northern Germany
  • The British Isles  – learn the story behind these popular black tea blends
    • English
    • Irish
    • Scottish
  • Russia – smoky, aromatic black tea with a special kind of sweetener
  • Teas of the Middle East -select one
    • Moroccan / Touareg (green tea)
    • Persian / Turkish (black tea)
  • Crete in a Cup – enjoy the savory caffeine-free  wild herbs native to Crete
  • South African Bush Teas – savor the flavor and aroma from this World Heritage Site

To learn a little about our tea tasting flights that we hope to resume post COVID-19 regulations, click here: Tea Tasting Flight