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Loose-Leaf, by the oz:  Most teas $4-$7 |*Ultra premium $18-$25 | Tea Lattes $5.45+
Tea Delivery Service:  $20 minimum order. We offer a 10% discount for orders over $40. 

All teas listed below are sold by the ounce with instructions for you to brew your perfect cup of tea at home. Order via Order Form, call or text us. ee here: Delivery Information,



Single Varietal Teas

Imperial White
Mutan White
White Peony
White Tea Blend – blended with vanilla and lemon verbena

Clouds & Mist

China Lung Ching
Gunpowder Green 

Paochong (standard and ultra premium)
Tung Ting
Oriental Beauty (standard and ultra premium)
Formosa Beauty
Honey Oolong (ultra premium)

Ceylon (OPA, BOP, FBOP)
Darjeeling (1st & 2nd Flush)
Hawaiian A’a Black (ultra premium)
Yunnan Gold
Wild Forest Vietnamese Black

Breakfast Style Blends

East Frisian
English Breakfast
Irish Breakfast
Russian- smoky tones
Scottish Blend

Aromatized / Flavored Teas

Green Coconut – sencha base with coconut
Jasmine, Dragon Pearl
Jasmine, Yin Hao
Lotus Che Sen
Moroccan Mint – gunpowder green w/mint

Black Cask Bourbon – on SALE
Black Currant
Black Mango
Earl Grey
Black Cinnamon Spice
Irish Creme – on SALE
Lychee Black
Prince Vladmir- a smoky black tea with citrus notes
Yogi Black Tea – blended with Assam or Ceylon black tea


Climbers High Chai – a unique blend of different tea and herbs
Kahwa – a green tea, chai blend with notes of saffron
Mesopotamia – an Assam black tea with classic chai spices
Spicy Black Chai – a black tea base with nice heat tones, contains chili flakes
Red Rooibos Chai – a caffeine free chai blend


Guayusa – a South American holly plant with an earthy profile
Yaopon Blend – a southern United States holly blended with guayusa and peppermint
Argentinian Yerba Mate – a classic earthy, aged mate
Brazilian Yerba Mate – slightly fresher taste, than the traditional Argentinian style
Mate/Herbal  Blend – mate blended with ginger, chamomile, peppercorn and more



African Bush Teas: red rooibos, green rooibos and honey bush (straight & blends)
Ayurvedic Blends – Vata (balance) and Kapha (heat) blends
Bamboo Leaf – a caffeine-free grassy, buttery flavor, so good
Chamomile Blend – chamomile unites with sage and anise, great for night time
Cacao Blends – mint and cacao
Detox Blends – ask about our Purity and Anti-Sweet Tooth
Fruit Tea Blends – Apple, Happy Colada, Wild Fruit
Minty Blends
Sleep Time Blends
Tea Flower – an earthy, floral flavor
Tulsi – purple, green and wild
Turmeric Blends – 2 distinct delicious blends
Yogi Blend


Green Rooibos
Green Rooibos blended with ginger and citrus notes

Red Rooibos
Red Rooibos Blends – cinnamon, cranberry,  

Red HoneyBush
Green HoneyBush

TULSI (Indian Holy Basil)
Rama (Green)

Krishna (Purple) 
Vana (Wild) 

Tea Lattes

Cinnamon Spice Latte- black tea or caffeine-free
Turmeric Latte – do you prefer cacao or sarsparilla notes?
HoneyBush Latte – caffeine-free
Matcha Latte
Coconut Green Tea with Matcha Tea Latte

Spicy Chai Latte – contains chili flakes

 Our quality purveyors include:

Bend Botanica, Big Island Tea, Coalition Tea, Harney & Sons, Herbolerio Esencias, Kusmi, Mariage Frères, Mauna Kea Tea, Metolius Tea, Tao of Tea, Teance, Tea Spot, Tea Gschwendner, Tea Source

All Tea Flights and Tradtional Tea & Tales on hold as we live through restrictions for the safety of everyone during the COVID-19 quarantine. We will get through this. Stay well, drink tea!

We feature teas from all over the world, hand-picked from our travels. Select a Tea Tasting Flight or a Traditional Tea & Tales (TTT) tea service  from the list below and make a reservation  for a trip around the world with us– via tea.  Reservations accepted Monday – Sunday 10am-6pm (start time). A minimum 24 hour advance notice is requested. 3 – 6 person minimum/maximum per reservation. Discounts offered for children 12 and under. See calendar for availability.

Introductory Color Spectrum Tea Tasting Flight
$30 per person, 1-2 hours at the tea bar (+/-).

  • Color Spectrum: learn about real tea, includes white, green and black tea.

Additional Tea Tasting Flights 
$35 per person, 4 teas per tasting, 1-2 hours at the tea bar (+/-)

  • Pick a Color: Choose from white, green, oolong, black or puerh
  • No Caffeine Please: learn about the African bush teas, Indian holy basil, etc
  • Mate for Me: includes two distinct mate styles and two mate blends.

Traditional Tea & Tales (TTT)
$35 per person.  Reserve at least 24 hours in advance.
Did you ever wonder why tea is drank so differently in various parts of the world? Sit down at the tea bar over a cup of tea, to hear the story and experience the taste of these old world traditional tea brews.  *Reservation required. Expect to spend  one hour or more at the tea bar. Choose from one below.

  • East Frisian: a beautiful black tea ceremony exclusive to northern Germany
  • British Blends: learn the story behind these English, Irish & Scottish tea blends
  • Russian Style: smoky, aromatic black teas with a special kind of sweetener
  • Tea in the Middle East: enjoy and learn about either style below
    • Moroccan & Tuareg (green tea)
    • Persian & Turkish (black tea)

Custom Tea Tasting Flights
Select 4 teas of your choice from our tea menu. Price varies by teas selected,  one hour at the tea bar (+/-). Price dependent on teas chosen.

To learn a little about our tea tasting flights, click here: Tea Tasting Flight

Stay tuned for the new teas arriving in coming seasons. 

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