We feature teas from all over the world, hand-picked from our travels. Select a Tea Tasting Flight or a New Brew Steeped in Tradition (TT: Traditional Tea) option from the list below and make a reservation  for a trip around the world with us– via tea. Reservations accepted Tuesday-Friday 2pm-7pm  and Saturday-Sunday 10am-3pm. A minimum 24 hour advance notice requested. 

Introductory Tea Tasting Flight Offer
$15 per person, 60-90 minutes at the tea bar (+/-). Two person minimum.

  • Color Spectrum: includes one white, two green and one black tea.

Additional Tea Tasting Flights
$15-$25 per person, 3-4 teas per tasting, one hour at the tea bar (+/-)

  • Pick a Color: focuses on one type of tea. Choose white, green, oolong or black
  • No Caffeine Please: includes four caffeine-free options
  • Mate for Me: includes two distinct mates and one mate blend.

Custom Tea Tasting Flight
Select 3-4 teas of your choice from our tea menu. Price varies by teas selected,  one hour at the tea bar (+/-)

New Brews Steeped in Tradition (TT: Traditional Tea)
$15 per person, two person minimum. Please reserve at least 24 hours in advance.
Learn the story behind the tea from different parts of the world. Sit down at the tea bar over a cup of tea to hear the story and experience the taste of these old world traditional tea brews.  *Reservation required. Expect to spend up to one hour at the tea bar. Traditional goodies available, inquire within.

  • East Frisian: a beautiful tea ceremony exclusive to northern Germany
  • British Blends: learn the story behind these famous black tea blends
  • Tea in the Mid East: enjoy some tasty traditional middle eastern style tea
  • Russian Style: a smoky, aromatic tea served with a different style of sweetener


TeaBuzz – a Global TeaBar & Tea Boutique
Experience New Brews…Steeped in Tradition


Drop-In Tea Bar Hours

Grab a cup of tea or purchase loose-leaf tea or tea ware during our Drop-In Tea Bar hours, Tuesday-Friday,  2pm-Close and Saturday, 10am-2pm, Call ahead to pre-order for pick up service.

Teapot Service: $4.50 – $4.95
Single Serve Cup (hot or iced): premium $3.25 | *ultra-premium $3.75
Kid Cup: $2.00 ( >12 years old) 8 oz. cup


Single Varietal Teas

Imperial White
Mutan White
Silver Needle
White Peony


China Lung Ching
Chinese Gunpowder Green 
Japanese Sencha
Tung Ting
Oriental Beauty
Formosa Beauty
Baochong  Oolong (ultra-premium)
Charcoal Fire Roasted Tung Ting  (ultra-premium)
Phoenix Honey Oolong  (ultra-premium)

Ceylon, OPA & FBOP
Darjeeling 1st Flush
Darjeeling 2nd Flush
Hawaiian A’a Black
Yunnan Gold
Wild Black

Black Tea Blends

East Frisian Blend

English Breakfast
French Breakfast
Hot Cinnamon Spice
Russian Country
Scottish Morning

Aromatized/Flavored Teas

Essence of Granada 
Green Coconut
Jasmine, Dragon Pearl
Jasmine, Yin Hao
Lotus Che Sen*
Moroccan Mint

Black Currant
Black Mango
Celebration Tea
Earl Grey
Hot Cinnamon Spice
Lychee Black
Marco Polo
Pakistani Tea
Prince Vladmir
Victorian London Fog


Climbers High Chai
Pakistani Black Tea
Spicy Black Chai
Rooibos Chai


Argentinian Yerba Mate
Brazilian Yerba Mate
Fasting Tea (mate, herbal blend)



Aphrodite’s Alchemy
Elysian Dreams
Fasting Tea
Hawaiian Cacao Brew
Kapha – a warming Ayurvedic
Peppermint Citrus Medley
Pitta – a cooling Ayurvedic
Purity – Cleansing
Sweet Tooth – Cleansing 
Winter Peppermint Blend
Winter Chamomile Blend
Turmeric Tonic

Apple Strudel
Happy Colada
Pear Cinnamon
Wild Fruit Tea

AFRICAN BUSH Teas & Blends
Green Rooibos
Chocolate Magic

Red Rooibos
Blood Orange Smoothie
Herbal Hot Cinnamon 
Lemon Cream
Rooibos Chai



TULSI (Indian Holy Basil)
Tulsi, Rama (Green)

Tulsi, Krishna (Purple) 
Tulsi, Vana (Wild) 
Tulsi Blend: Krishna+Mint
Tulsi Blend: Shanti 

Tea Infused Drinking Chocolates
Masala Chai Milk Chocolate
Matcha White Chocolate 
Raspberry Rooibos Dark Chocolate 

 Our quality purveyors include:

Bend Botanica, Big Island Tea, Harney & Sons, Herbolerio Esencias, Inspired Leaf, Kusmi, Mariage Frères, Mauna Kea Tea, Metolius Tea, Tao of Tea, Teance, Tea Spot, Tea Gschwendner, Tea Source, The Tea Room

Stay tuned for the new teas arriving in coming seasons.