We feature teas from all over the world, hand-picked from our travels. Select a Tea Tasting Package or create your own by selecting a Custom Tea Tasting and make a reservation  for a trip around the world with us– via tea. 

Introductory Tea Tasting Packages – $15 per person, select from the three options below, 3-4 teas per tasting, 1 hour at the tea bar

  • Color Spectrum: Includes one white, one green and one black tea
  • Pick My Color: Focuses on one type of tea. Choose white, green or black
  • No Caffeine For Me: includes 3 caffeine-free options

Custom Tea Tasting Flight – $12-$25 per person, select 3-4 teas of your choice from our tea menu. Price varies by teas selected,  1 hour at the tea bar

Cultural Cup Tea Service (CCT) – $10-$15 per person, 2 person minimum
Learn the story behind the tea. Each tea is served according to its tradition, including the way it is brewed, poured and sipped. *Reservation required. Specify CCT type. Expect to spend up to 1 hour at the tea bar. No food served, but welcome!

  • East Frisian: A beautiful tea ceremony exclusive to northern Germany. Call ahead to reserve time for the East Frisian tea ceremony.
  • British Blends: Learn the story behind these famous black tea blends
  • Russian StyleA smoky, aromatic tea served with a different style of sweetener


TeaBuzz Global TeaBar
New Brews…Steeped in Tradition


Drop-In Tea Bar Hours

Grab a cup of tea or purchase loose-leaf tea or tea ware during Drop-In Tea Bar hours. Call ahead to pre-order for pick up service.

Teapot Service: $4.25 – $4.95
Single Serve Cup: premium $3.25 | *ultra-premium $3.75
16 oz hot  | 20 oz iced
Kid Cup: $2.00 ( >12 years old) 8 oz. cup


Single Varietal Teas

Mutan White* – Tea Gschwendner
Silver Needle* – Tao of Tea
White Peony* – Tao of Tea


China Lung Ching* – Tea Gschwendner
Gunpowder Green – Harney & Sons
Japanese Sencha – Harney & Sons
Sen/Matcha – Tao of Tea
Paochong* – JT&T
Jade* – JT&T
Tung Ting* – JT&T
Amber* – JT&T
Oriental Beauty – JT&T
Taitung– JT&T
Formosa Beauty– JT&T
Baochong Premium Oolong*– Teance
Charcoal Fire Roasted Tung Ting*– Teance
Phoenix Honey Oolong*– Teance

Ceylon, OPA Large Leaf – Tea Source
Ceylon. FPOP – Tea Source
Ceylon Lovers Leap – Harney & Sons
Darjeeling 1st Flush* – Tea Gschwendner
Darjeeling 2nd Flush – Tao of Tea
Malty Assam – Tao of Tea
Wild Black – Tao of Tea

Black Tea Blends

Climber’s High Chai – Tea Spot
East Frisian Blend – Bunting Tee

English Breakfast – Tea Gschwendner
French Breakfast – Marriage Freres
Hot Cinnamon Spice – Harney & Sons
Russian Country – Harney & Sons
Scottish Morning – Harney & Sons

Aromatized/Flavored Teas

Black Currant – Harney & Sons
Black Mango – Tao of Tea
Celebration Tea – Harney & Sons
Fruits D’Alsace – Harney & Sons
Earl Grey Supreme – Harney & Sons
Hot Cinnamon Spice – Harney & Sons
Italian Earl Grey – Tao of Tea
Lychee Black – Tao of Tea
Marco Polo – Mariage Freres
Pakistani Tea – Hebolerio Esencias
Prince Vladmir* – Kusmi Teas
Victorian London Fog – Harney & Sons

Citron Green – Harney & Sons
Essence of Granada –
Herbolerio Esencias
Gen-Maicha – Tao of Tea
Green Coconut –
Tea Gschwendner
Jasmine, Dragon Pearl – Metolius Tea
Jasmine, Yin Hao – Harney & Sons
Lotus Che Sen* 
– Tao of Tea
Moroccan Mint – Herbolerio Esencias
Sakura – Mariage Freres



Kapha – Ayurvedic – Tea Gschwendner
Peppermint Citrus Medley – Inspired Leaf
Purity – Cleansing – Tea Gschwendner
Sweet Tooth – Cleansing – Tea Gschwendner
Winter Blend – Tea Gschwendner
Turmeric Tonic – Tea Spot
Yellow & Blue – Harney & Sons

Apple Strudel – Deth & Balk
Happy Colada – Deth & Balk
Pear Cinnamon – Deth & Balk
Wild Fruit Tea – Herbolerios Esencias

AFRICAN BUSH Teas & Blends
Green Rooibos – Tao of Tea
Chocolate Magic (green rooibos blend) – Deth & Balk

Red Rooibos – Tao of Tea
Blood Orange Smoothie – Tea Spot
Herbal Hot Cinnamon – Harney & Sons
Lemon Cream – Metolius Tea
HoneyBush – Tao of Tea
Chocolate Cake – (honey bush blend) – Deth & Balk

TULSI (Indian Holy Basil)
Tulsi, Rama (Green) 
– Tao of Tea
Tulsi, Krishna (Purple) – Tao of Tea
Tulsi, Vana (Wild) – Tao of Tea
Tulsi Blend: Krishna+Mint – Tao of Tea
Tulsi Blend: Shanti 
– Tao of Tea

Tea Infused Drinking Chocolates
Masala Chai Milk Chocolate – The Tea Room
Matcha White Chocolate – The Tea Room
Raspberry Rooibos Dark Chocolate – The Tea Room

 Our quality purveyors include:

Harney & Sons, Herbolerio Esencias, Inspired Leaf, Kusmi, Mariage Frères, Metolius Tea, Tao of Tea, Teance, Tea Spot, Tea Gschwendner, Tea Source, The Tea Room

* Drop-In Tea Bar Hours available for fresh-brewed tea by-the-cup & loose-leaf tea by the ounce and tea ware.

Tea Tasting Flights & Cultural Cup Tea Service (CCT) available by Appointment. Make a Reservation Monday-Friday 10am-7pm & Saturday 10am-3pm.

Stay tuned for the new teas arriving in coming seasons.