Hawaii & Tea

 stay tuned for exact date/time (fall 2018)

Join us at the Blissful Heart Wellness Center for some fun as you learn about teas grown  in Hawaii. The tea or ‘kea’ crops planted in Hawaii are maturing and will become more prevalent to the tea drinking community over time. We will sample a variety of teas, show  photos and footage from a small family farm on the Big Island and enjoy live traditional Hawaiian dance (Na Hana Nu’i Maui, Mele O’hana) and partake in a mini dance workshop E Pili Mai, as you sip tea and listen to the sounds of the Hawaiian islands. Maholo!

How To Reserve a Spot: Confirm with the BEND TEA MEETUP invitation or Select Hawaiian Fun on form under the Reservations tab , email joanna@teabuzztea.com or leave a phone message at the shop, 541-977-5113.  We will confirm your spot within 24 hours. Location: The Blissful Heart Wellness Center Yoga Barn, just behind TeaBuzz Global Tea Bar.Look for Event Parking around back. 


  A Revolutionary Tea Party

December 2018 

Just in time for Independence Day! Ever wonder what was in those teas they dumped in the Boston Harbor way back when? This special tea event will feature those teas, as well as the very tea Thomas Jefferson sipped while writing our beloved Constitution. You will also learn about Liberty Teas which were the herbal blends created by women for women after the tea was dumped so they could continue their tea traditions, even without tea. Please join us in our special tribute to our Independence with tea and the ‘e pluribus unum players’. We will feature teas handcrafted for this special occasion by quality tea purveyors. Exact date TBD.
Note: This is not a political affiliated event, just tea, fun and history. 

How To Reserve a Spot: Select Revolutionary Tea Party on form under the Reservations tab or leave a phone message at the shop, 541-977-5113.  We will confirm your spot within 24 hours.