TeaBar Drop-In Hours

Tue, 2/19 – Mon, 2/24
Tue: 10am-4:45pm | Wed: 10am-1pm | Thu: 10am-5pm | Fri: 10am-1pm | Sat-Mon: open by reservation
TeaBar Drop-In hours vary due to private reservations & events

Events (on & off site)
Wednesday, Feb 19th @ 3pm, Fun with Tea @ The Alexander
Friday, Feb 21st @ 3pm: Tea Time & Mt. Kilimanjaro @ Mt Bachelor TouchMark

Private Reservations (TeaBar is Closed)
Tuesday, Feb 18th @ 5:30pm – Color Spectrum Tea Flight

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Call us with any questions  (541) 977-5113

Reservations accepted 7 days a week for “Tea Tasting Flights” and “Tea & Tales Tea Service” (TTT) . We request reservations with a 24 hour advance notice, but will try our best to accommodate same day reservations with direct communication. Text or call 541-977-5113, email  joanna@teabuzztea.com or simply fill out the online reservation form. Review the Tea Tasting Packages and Tea List on the Menu. Minimum-Maximum: 3 – 6 persons. Cheers to Tea!

What is TeaBuzz? We are a tea tasting bar and tea boutique with an array of loose leaf teas sold by the ounce, from quality purveyors for you to experience with your senses (sight, touch, smell and taste). Swing by for a full tea tasting flight or a Tea & Tales experience. We have a rotating supply of tea goods  and tea-inspired items — including tea ware, spices, lip balms, playing/trivia cards, totes and so on. At times the tea bar will be closed for private reservations, which we will keep posted on our calendar Please feel free to drop in during our open hours, we’d love to see you!

We look forward to seeing you soon. Cheers to tea!  

About Us…we love tea!

Joanna pouring an East Frisian tea in the back yard of Tea Buzz.

There are so many ways one can experience the beautiful cultures of our world and learn how we are connected. Tea is one of those ways. Joanna has traveled all over the world learning the history of tea and its importance in a variety of cultures.  Joanna has explored the various ways tea is grown, harvested, served and sipped. She has collected an amazing array of tea for you to try from black to green to herbal blends by reputable tea purveyors. There is something for everyon

Make a reservation to sit at our tea bar in the Old Historic District of Bend (near downtown) to learn about these beautiful traditions and taste some of the best teas our world community has to offer. Joanna will serve you a tea tasting flight or pour you a cultural experience in a cup; in which the tea is served in the specific pot and drinking vessel, it was meant to be enjoyed in. We invite you to come in and enjoy some new brews…steeped in tradition!

Contact Us:
email: joanna@teabuzztea.com
phone: 541-977-5113

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Swing by the Blissful Heart Wellness Center (home of TeaBuzz) and spend your afternoon perusing the beautiful grounds – visit the boutique gift store, yoga and meditation rooms and learn about the amazingly talented practitioners and teachers.

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